At Öråker there is room for 21 horses in stables and loose housing.

In the stables we rent out 15 stalls for all types of horses, the common factor is that the horses thrive in herds and walk in large pastures. The horses are outside as much as possible. The stable is divided into a 'warm' part with 5 stalls and a cold stable with 10 stalls. Both parts are run by Sara Kilsgård.For questions please contact Sara Kilsgård (sara.kilsgård@telia.com)

Riding trails

On the Lennartsnäs peninsula there are 35 km of riding trails marked with yellow-striped posts. Lennartsnäshalvöns ridstigsförening is responsible for the bridle paths, which were built with support from Upplands-Bro municipality and the local nature conservation initiative. Sometimes hiking trails and bridle paths run along the same stretch, in which case both riders and hikers need to show consideration for each other. In the municipality's brochure the trail is marked https://www.upplands-bro.se/download/18.10b18577182004269824e/1657872703677/upplands-broleden.pdf

More information on horse riding in nature: https://www.naturvardsverket.se/amnesomraden/allemansratten/aktiviteter/ridning/