"Cultivate in the meadows"

The project "Odla Ihop Öråker" is based on sustainability and biodiversity, transforming horticulture into sustainable cultivation, habitats for insects and pollination and for fermenting horse manure and other organic matter.  

Ebba Horn at Öråkers Gård together with Karin Saler and Jenny Salmson from Odla Ihop and Johanna Karlén from Bioinspira have put together the project that was granted support from the EU Agricultural Fund. Farmer Jan Tärnström and the grower André Wright are also involved in the project.

"We want to bring people, knowledge and techniques together to find ways to transform part of the monocultural use of the land into a regenerative organic cultivation of vegetables, berries and fruits. We want to inspire other farms and municipalities in Sweden to collaborate with people locally to grow in a way that is sustainable for both the environment and the economy, together.” says Ebba Horn at Öråkers Gård.

We use permaculture techniques and the vision is that Odla Ihop Öråker will become a place for knowledge sharing through courses, workshops and collaborations with municipalities, companies and individuals. Companies can also come here for conferences and to inspire their employees.- We work practically with knowledge in biodiversity and sustainable, ecological cultivation and resource management based on permaculture techniques and methods. We want to invite cooperation and initiatives that we also hope will create jobs. Because green industries are in great need of labour, and people are in great need of sustainable, green jobs with a direct link to nature and food production, says Jenny Salmson from Odla Ihop.

With the help of soil-enhancing techniques, Odla Ihop Öråker will create increased micro-life in the soil. Bacteria, fungal hyphae, worms and all the abundance of life that is part of the Earth's food chain are supported by various composting techniques, such as bokashi, EM, compost tea and worm-rich composting heaps.

- We are starting by converting about 0.5 hectares of muddy pasture into sustainable farming, and creating flower meadows of about 0.5 hectares in different places on the farm for insects and pollination. We have started fermenting horse manure with Bokashite technology and will focus on fermenting more organic material from other activities on the farm, concludes Ebba Horn.Read more about Grow Together www.odlaihop.seand Bioinspirawww.bioinspira.se

Read the press release and see pictures: in Swedish Or in English