"Conference in a unique farm environment"

Experience a conference on a living family farm where sustainability is part of everyday life.

At Öråkers Gård we offer you to confer in a unique farm environment only 30 minutes from Stockholm and Arlanda. We tailor all arrangements and are aimed at those who want an experience out of the ordinary and where sustainability is happy to take a place on the agenda.


Confer in the farm's old barn, now converted into a modern meeting place. Here you can confer in the farm's café, have lunch and have coffee in the interior design shop or out with a view of the organic farms and our farm animals. In and around the Barn there are several living areas with space for separate meetings and group work. Why not take a meeting in the middle of farms with the ducks as your closest neighbors.

Suitable for groups of up to 40 people. Available Aug-Dec 2023!

In the manor we offer a lovely home-at-home feeling with the possibility of self-catering or prepared and served meals. Meet and socialize in beautifully decorated rooms where old country style meets modern feeling. As a guest, your party will be located all over the manor house and associated pool area. In and around the manor there are many large living areas with space for meetings, talks and team activities.

Suitable for parties up to 14-16 people. Only available during the summer months (May-Oct). NOTE: No vacancies in 2023!

Sustainable environment and activities
On the farm, we work actively with the environment and are involved in a pilot project for Swedish Carbon Storage where different methods for storing carbon dioxide in agricultural land are evaluated. In autumn 2021, a large LONA project will begin in collaboration with Upplands-Bro municipality for the restoration of beach meadows and wetland construction. For several years, the farm has expanded flower meadows, started sustainable vegetable gardens and fermeters horse manure. On the farm there are also the Swedish farm animals hedemorahöns, Swedish blue duck and our charming linderöd pigs Maggie and Tina with their cults.

For our guests we offer, in addition to the usual conference activities, inspiring activities in the field of environment & sustainability.

Farm walking - Welcome to join us on an enriching walk through the various areas of the farm. Along the way, we tell you about the place, the animals and our ecological work. Many projects and activities are underway on the farm and in its surroundings, all of which work for a sustainable future and biodiversity.

EM (Effective Microorganisms) – We tell you about the opportunities the effective microorganisms have on the health of the soil, water, animals and us humans. We also tell you about how you as a private citizen can improve and strengthen your local environment and your immune system with the help of EM. At the same time as you are involved in improving the climate.

Bokashi – Make nutritious soil from your food waste. With Bokashi, you reduce emissions of climate gases while producing both a living soil improvement and a liquid plant nutrient, full of good soil microbes that kick-start the growth of your garden.

Other activities specially composed for the farm:
Paddle - on Pop-up Padel, 7 minutes from the farm, we arrange tournament or private lesson for you and your party.
Golf - Stay at the manor house and play golf at Bro Hof Golf Club or Bro-Bålsta Golf Club which are both about 15 minutes from the farm.
Cook dinner together with the farm's chef – For parties up to 10 people.
Wine or champagne tasting –Corentin de Trégomain, specializing in organic wines from France, hosts the activity where you get both knowledge and wonderful taste experiences.
What distinguishes a diamond from a brilliant one? – See, feel and learn more about diamonds, brilliantly and what trends and pitfalls prevail.

Öråkers Gård is separated at the edge of Lake Mälaren, on the Lennartsnäs peninsula in Kungsängen. Only 30 minutes to Stockholm and Arlanda.

For questions or quotes:
Ebba ebba@orakersgard.se or 070-492 87 04
Catharina catharina@orakersgard.se or 073-625 75 12