Öråker is first mentioned in medieval writings as early as 1364.

 Vadstena Kloster's earthbook mentions that Öråker and eleven other farms had this year been donated by the knight Anund Jonsson Lejonansikte to the monastery after a pronounced wish of his late wife. The farm belonged to Vadstena Monastery to Gustav Vasa's reduction in the 16th century. The farm eventually came to be part of Lennartsnäs Manor, which was formed in 1647 by the fieldmaster Lennart Torstensson, who was granted the area through his efforts during Gustav II Adolf's train in Germany.

However, the history of the fram goes back even further. Three stone cairns, some of the larger ones in the Mälaren area, testify that the area had a role already during the Bronze Age. Remains of the medieval village of Tuna and Asker are also left to behold.

Along the road to Öråker you pass a former dragon village and Tingelsten, today a residential house built on a foundation from the 17th century. The building is believed to have served as a prison at some point. On the hill behind the manor house you can see the windmill, today a residential building, which was taken out of service at the end of the 19th century when the blades blew off during a storm. A beautiful warehouse, probably built in the 18th century, flanks the main building. The main building at Örakers Gård consists of a manor house and two detached wings. The original manor house was located between the wings on the waterfront. The building was completely destroyed by a fire in 1780 and the present manor (as shown in the picture) was transported from Finland and built on site by the merchant Magnus Björkman, who bought Öråker in 1790. The two wings date from earlier, sometime in the 17th century.

After Magnus Björkman's death, the farm was bought by Count PG af Ugglas in 1831. In 1908, Lizinka Dyrssen, born af Ugglas, married to Admiral Wilhelm Dyrssen, took over the farm. Since then, the farm has been managed by new generations of the same family. Ebba Horn manages the farm today together with her husband Ben Craven.