"Rent our mansion"

Experience a farm stay on a living family farm with family, friends or colleagues.

Welcome to our manor house where we always want to convey a welcoming home feeling. Meet, socialize, eat and stay in beautifully decorated rooms where old country style meets modern feeling. The manor house has a beautiful view of Lake Mälaren and is located in the heart of a living family farm with animals and plantations. The house offers a sauna and outdoor swimming pool (June-Sept) as well as large living areas with space for socializing, rest and play both inside and outside. 15 beds spread over 9 bedrooms. Suitable for parties up to 16 people. Only available during the summer months (May-Oct).

Rent the farm one day, a weekend or whole weeks and take the opportunity to socialize in a single environment or fill the days with some of all the activities that are on and near the farm.



The Barn. A few hundred meters from the house is the Barn. Here you will find a modern and cozy café with lovely pastries and light lunches, an interior and furniture store and a food stall with locally produced goodies. Outside the Barn you can stroll around among organic farms and visit our pigs, ducks, chickens, cows and horses. A very relaxed environment that is well worth a visit or two.

For those who want to hike, there are 35km of hiking trails here on the peninsula. Here you walk in varied landscapes and pass ancient remains, pastures and magical forest glades.

A few minutes from the farm there is the opportunity to play padel at Pop-up nobility, golf on Bro Hof Castle Or Bro-Bålsta Golf Club.

<strong style="font-family: inherit; font-size: 1.25rem;">Hållbar miljö</strong>

At the farm, we work actively with the environment and are involved in a pilot project for Swedish Carbon Storage. The project tests and evaluates different methods for storing carbon dioxide in Swedish agricultural land. In autumn 2021, a major project for the restoration of beach meadows and wetland construction will begin in collaboration with Upplands-Bro municipality. For several years, the farm has expanded flower meadows, started sustainable vegetable gardens and fermeters horse manure.

Getting around

The commuter train station and the train to Stockholm Central take about 5 minutes by car and in less than 30 minutes you are in the middle of Stockholm city.

Bicycles are available for lending if you want to look around the surroundings.

For those who want to go to Kungsängen center there is a hiking trail of about 3.1 km. On the way you pass by flower meadows, Ekbacken and the bird tower in Tibbleviken.


Öråkermanor, in its current version, was probably built in the early 1790s. Today it is a well-preserved manor house environment with a main building on three floors and two nearby wings. After several generational changes since the 1790s, the farm is now run by Ebba Horn with a husband and children. Further interesting information about Öråker can be found on Upplands Bro Kulturhistoriska Forskninginstitut's website www.ukforsk.se.

There are no free weekends or weeks in 2023! Welcome back in 2024
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